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Clergy Who Served at Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church


Serving the flock of Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Cleveland, Ohio


Rev. Joseph Chaplynsky, organizer Autumn - 12/1/1909.

Born 1/10/1868; ordained 1895 in Peremyshl, in celibacy; arrived 1903; former pastor of St. Vladimir Ukrainian Catholic Church in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  Died 5/22/1941; buried Holy Cross Cemetery, North Arlington, NJ. 

Rev. Wolodymyr Dowhowycz, first pastor 12/1/1909 - 6/30/1910.     

Born 12/8/1884; ordained 10/14/1907; arrived 1909 for his first assignment in Cleveland, OH. Died on 1/3/1970 in Plainfield, NJ.


Rev. Joseph Boyarczuk, second pastor 7/1910 - 9/4/1911. Completed the building.     

Born 1879; ordained 1908 in celibacy. At the request of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Toronto, sent by Bishop Ortynsky of Philadelphia in 1912 to organize a fledgling Ukrainian parish of immigrants where he began to build a Ukrainian church, now St. Josaphat Cathedral in Toronto; organized the first Ukrainian Choir in Toronto and the new church became the focal point of Ukrainian life as the church hall was used for various parish activities, performances, concerts, lectures and meetings: a Ukrainian language school for children, educational courses for grown-ups, the benefit society, drama club and the church choir. (1912-1919).  Died on 5/5/40 in Chester, PA. 

Rev. Petrash, substitute 9/5/1911 - 9/17/1911.


Rev. Dmytro Dobrotwor, third pastor 9/17/1911 - 11/12/1916.

Born 1870. Died on 11/28/1943 in Plainfield, NJ; buried Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery

Minersville, PA.

Assisted or Substituted for Rev. Dmytro Dobrotwor:

Rev. Wolodymyr Korytowsky, substitute 5/15/1913 - 12/3/1913. Died on 12/18/1933 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Rev. Wolodymyr Derzhyruka, substitute 3/13/1915 - 6/30/1915. Born 1882; ordained 1909; arrived 1910. Died on 9/27/1932 in Minersville, PA.

Rev. Emilian Hranylowych, substitute 8/15/1916 - 9/30/1916. Died on 5/16/1957 in Akron, OH.

Rev. Kornylo Zapotocky, substitute 8/15/1916 - 9/30/1916. Died on 6/7/1920 in Braddock, PA.


Rev. Philemon Tarnawsky, fourth pastor 11/12/1916 – 11/23/1923.

Born 12/4/1862; ordained 1888. Died on 9/24/1948 as chancellor in Philadelphia, PA.


Rev. Eustachy Sydoriak, fifth pastor 11/23/1923 – 9/9/1925.

Born 9/23/1882; ordained 10/26/1910. Died on 2/14/1938 in Buffalo, NY; buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Kenmore, NY.


Rev. Leo Lewycky, sixth pastor 9/9/1925-4/30/1932.

Born 3/9/1888; ordained 1892; arrived 1903. Died on 4/30/1932; buried at the Holy Ghost Cemetery in Parma, OH.


Rev. John Zabawa, assistant 1/1932 – 4/30/1932.


Rev. John Zabawa, administrator 4/30/1932 – 8/1/1932.

Born 6/16/1884; ordained 9/27/1925; former pastor of Holy Trinity Church in Youngstown, OH; former pastor of St. Michael Church in Terryville, CT until his death on 3/10/1968.


Rev. John Zabawa, assistant 8/1/1932 – 9/15/1932.


Rev. Basil Merenkiw, eighth pastor 6/15/1933 - 12/31/1938.

Born 1878. Died 2/18/1939 in Nanticote. PA; buried at Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery in Parma, OH, which he obtained for the parish in 1935.


Rev. Sylvester Zurawecky, OSBM, ninth  pastor.  1/1/1939 - 10/4/1940.         

Bom 4/2/1891; ordained 1920. Died 7/7/1954; buried at St. Nicholas Cemetery in Chicago, IL.

Assisted or Substituted for Rev. Zurawecky:

Rev. Sylvester Kollar, OSBM. July 1939.   Born 1906; ordained 1937. Died 4/27/1984 Lansdale, PA.

Rev. Epiphany Teodorowych, OSBM. 8/1939- 9/1939. Born 12/6/1881; ordained 1908. Died 2/3/1958.

Rev. Theodosius Greb, OSBM. 4/1940.  Died 7/12/1978 Glen Cove, NY.

Rev. Innocent Rychkun, OSBM. 8/1940-9/1940 and 10/4/1940 – 6/30/1976. Born 9/24/1920 in Saskatchewan; ordained 1935. Died 10/22/1988 in Glen Cove, NY; buried in Hamptonburgh, NY.

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Mitred Archpriest Dmytro Gresko, tenth pastor 10/4/1940 - 6/30/1976.

Born 6/21/1906 in Mylowannia (Towmach) in Western Ukraine; ordained 6/11/1933 in Stanyslawiw; arrived 2/4/1936; retired 6/30/1976. Died 9/12/1986 in St. Petersburg, FL; buried at Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery in Parma, OH.

Assistants to Mitred Gresko:

Rev. Simeon Fetzko. 8/1941-11/1941. Born 6/15/1915; ordained 7/12/1941; retired to Sloatsburg, NY.

Rev. Michael Bochnewich. 5/1943-11/1943. Born 11/23/1919, ordained 12/4/1943, died 6/26/80 in Detroit, MI.

Rev. Paul Graskow. 5/1943-3/1945. Born 5/12/1919; ordained 12/4/1943.

Rev. Stephen Hotra. 3/5/1945-10/30/1948. Born 11/13/1921; ordained 1944. Died 1/3/1980 in Frackville, PA.

Rev. Wolodymyr Hrabec, STL, ScOL, ML, PSc. Canon.  9/1/1946-12/31/1946. Born 7/13/1906; ordained 4/2/1939 Retired 1984. Deceased.

Rev. Wolodymyr Pellich, Ph.D. 2/1949-6/1949. Born 10/10/1886, ordained 10/22/1911, died 12/28/1981 in Philadelphia, PA.

Rev. Stephen Kruchowsky.  3/1/1949-6/1950. Born 1/4/1921; ordained 6/2/1947. Died 10/29/1977 Wilton, ND.

Rev. Theodore Lewycky.  3/1950-1/1951. Born 1889, ordained 1916. Died 11/16/1953 Niagara Falls, NY.

Rev. Stephen Chomko.  7/1950-6/1951. Born 1/6/1923, ordained 7/12/1946. Former pastor in Hartford CT; archpriest by Patriarch Joseph Cardinal Slipyj in 1976; monsignor by Pope John Paul II in 1980; mitred archpriest by Patriarch Myroslav-Ivan Cardinal Lubachivsky in 1989; right reverend monsignor by Pope John Paul II in 1993. Former Supreme President of the Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in the U.S.A. former consultor of the Eparchy of Stamford; dean of the Boston Ukrainian Catholic Deanery; econome of the Eparchy of Stamford; dean of the Ukrainian Catholic Deanery of Hartford; and dean of the North Anthracite Deanery under the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia. Died 11/3/2008; buried Saint Vladimir Old Cemetery Scranton, PA.

Rev. Wolodymyr Wozniak.  4/1951-5/1951. Born 5/5/1912; ordained 7/2/1939. Former pastor in Munster, IN. Deceased.

Rev. Myroslaw Lubachivsky, STD, Ph.L., Sc. L. 5/25/1951-3/1967.  Born 6/24/1914; ordained 9/21/1938; arrived 5/29/1947; consecrated bishop 11/12/1979; installed as Metropolitan Archbishop in Philadelphia, PA. 12/4/1979; appointed Coadjutor of Archbishop Major 3/24/1980. On 9/7/1984, succeeded the late Josyf Cardinal Slipyj as Archbishop Major of the Ukrainian Catholic Church with the title His Beatitude; 5/25/1985 elevated to Cardinal Priest of Saint Sophia via Boccea by Pope John II.  Basilian Order Provincial Superior.  Died 12/14/2000; buried in St. George Cathedral, Lviv Ukraine. 

Rev. Andrew Ulicky. 7/1951 - 8/13/1959. Born 10/31/1916; ordained 4/7/1941; first pastor of St. Josaphat Church in Parma Ohio (8/13/1959-7/16/1971); monsignor 1982. Died 3/26/83 in Johnstown, PA.

Substitutes For Mitred Gresko:

Rev. Hilarion Benedik, OSBM. 3/1967 - 7/1967. Born 10/8/1922 in Brodirshava in Transcarpathia; ordained 8/15/1948.  

Rev. Meletius Solvey, OSBM, STD.  4/1967 - 6/1967. Born 4/29/1918; ordained 6/9/1941. Former Catholic University Professor.  12/26/1984 in Edmonton, Alta., Canada. 

Rev. Nicholas Kohut, OSBM.  April 1967. Born 1/5/1911; Basilian Order Provincial Superior. Died 1/30/1971 in Astoria, NY.

Rev. Josaphat Kuzmiak, OSBM .April 1967. Born 1915; ordained 1939. Died 10/18/1978 in New York, NY.

Rt. Rev. Mitred Archpriest Basil Makuch, STD, PhD, HEL. 8/1967-9/1967. Born 2/26/1916; ordained 3/26/1946. Died 9/26/1993; buried at Our Lady of Sorrows Cemetery in Langhorne, PA.

Assistants Residing at St. Andrew Church, 7700 Hoertz Road, Parma Ohio:

Rev. Robert Hnatyshyn 8/1966 - 2/1967. Born 7/11/1937; ordained 3/30/1964; former pastor St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in McKeesport, PA; Cannon. Died 7/8/2014. 

Rev. John Petrenka  2/1967-7/1967. Born 7/7/1927, ordained 3/30/1964.

Rev. John Beckage  8/1/1967 - 8/31/1970. Born 9/3/1925; ordained 3/30/1964, former pastor of Presentation of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church in Lansdale, PA. ; former pastor of Ss. Cyril & Methodius Ukrainian Catholic Church in Berwick, PA 18603. Deceased.

Rev. Henry Sagan  9/1/1970 - 7/18/1972. Born 10/3/1927, ordained 6/8/1953, died 10/24/1976 in Bayonne, NJ.

Temporary Assistants not residing at the rectory:

Rev. Wolodymyr Karmazyn   12/1953-3/1954. Born 1/20/1899 in Sasiw (Zolochiw), ordained 4/5/1925 in Ukraine; arrived 1950; served in parishes in Gorham and Wilton, N.D.; Muskegon, Mich., Wilkes Barre, Arnold and Bethlehem; in Bethlehem he and his parishioners erected a new church. In 1976, the late Patriarch Josyf Slipyj named him an honorary canon. Retired in 1986. Died 1/4/1993; buried at Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery in Parma, OH.

Rev. Athanasius Tymkiw 8/15/1955 -3/1960. Born 7/16/1882, and ordained 1920. Died 4/24/1979 in Parma, OH;  buried at Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery in Parma, OH.

Rev. Evhen Bodnar 1958 . Born 11/5/1885; ordained 9/7/1913. Died 10/16/1979 in Cleveland, OH; buried at Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery in Parma, OH.

Rev. Mykola Pawlyshyn 1962 - 12/15/1973. Born 5/25/1912; ordained 1962 in Paris.  Died 2/16/1977; buried at Pokrova Cemetery in Parma, OH.

Rev. Basil William Kondusky, visiting priest 7/1/1976 - 11/30/1977.

Born 5/10/1942 in Bridgeport, CT; ordained 2/24/1974; former pastor of St. Mary’s in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. Date of death unknown. Buried at Victoria Lawn Cemetery, St. Catharines, Niagara Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada.


Rt. Rev. Msgr. Mitred Michael Rewtiuk, eleventh pastor 12/1/1977 - 2/7/1984.           

Born 6/1/1943 in Trostberg, Germany; ordained 1/30/1969 in Philadelphia; former pastor of St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in Parma, OH; diocesan consultor from 1984 to 2008; Vicar General from 2000 to 2008. Died 12/30/2022 and entombed at St. Andrew Cemetery Mausoleum.


Rt. Rev. Msgr. Mitred John P. Stevensky, twelfth pastor 2/7/1984 - 9/2/1990.

Born 9/18/1937 in Olyphant, PA; ordained 3/25/1963 in Philadelphia, PA; former Eparchial Econome, Consultor and Treasurer; National Director of League of Ukrainian Catholics; Acolyte Confraternity; former Pastor in Atlanta; former pastor of Epiphany of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. Retired.


Rev. Steven Myron Zarichny, thirteenth pastor 9/2/1990 - 9/28/2008.

Born 9/8/1952 in Jersey City, NJ; ordained 12/10/1978 in Philadelphia, PA; former pastor in Miami, FL; former pastor of Holy Trinity Church in Youngstown, OH. Died 7/9/2015 in Youngstown Ohio and buried at St. Andrew’s Cemetery (formerly Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery) in Parma, OH. 


Very Rev. Canon Andrew G. Hanovsky, fourteenth pastor 10/1/2008 - present.

Born 07/18/1961 in Peremyshl; ordained 06/28/1988; installed Canon of St. Josaphat Cathedral in Parma, OH, on 6/29/1998; former associate pastor and administrator of St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in Parma; appointed Parma Eparchy Consultor 11/2009; member of Eparchy Administrative Office and treasurer secretary of Sacerdotal Society of Parma eparchy.

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