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Mother Church of Ukrainians in the Greater Cleveland Area.

Saints Peter and Paul parish was founded in 1909 by Ukrainian immigrants as the first Ukrainian Church in the greater Cleveland area and the church was completed June 30, 1910.  From this mother parish was formed a school, a convent, an orphanage, 2 cathedrals and 3 parishes.  Saints Peter and Paul parish gave rise to St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Church (now Cathedral) in Parma in 1924; the parish of the Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary in East Cleveland (now Solon) in 1956; St. Josaphat parish (now cathedral), in Parma in 1959; St. Andrew parish in Parma in 1972 ; and Pokrova parish in Parma in 1973.  During its 100 year existence, the parish of Saints Peter and Paul has been served by 14 pastors, 17 administrators, and 21 assistants.  It has provided a religious and secular haven to generations of Ukrainian immigrants and their descendants so they could practice their religious and cultural traditions. 


Many people still have ties to Saints Peter and Paul and proudly speak about their relatives that were baptized, married, and buried from our church. Others talk about their memories as children of the overflowing crowds of faithful that attended the services. A few can even trace their origins to the founders of the parish - those hardworking immigrants that founded and sustained this parish as they carved out a Ukrainian Community in a new land. 

The Gregorian calendar has been in use since 1960.


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