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Saints Peter and Paul Church
The Building

Sts. Peter and Paul Church was built in 1910 at College Avenue and W. 7th Street at the site believed to be where the "Cleveland University" building once stood.  The building was built in a basilica form with three domes which were later removed during the 1956 remodeling.  In 1978, the parish hall was renovated, and a new roof was put on the church.  A two-story home adjacent to the church on College Avenue was bought and demolished for a church parking lot.  An additional parking lot was constructed behind the rectory.


The neighborhood was originally known as Southside and was where most Ukrainian immigrants lived at the time.  Today, the area is known as the Tremont section of Cleveland. 

original church.jpg

Front facade of original structure. 

1935 church.jpg

Front facade of Church building in 1935

ukrainian cornerstone.jpg

Cornerstones located on either side of front steps.

english corner stone.jpg

Church and property in Tremont, 2018


After 1956 remodeling.

church founders.jpg

Marble slab with names of church founders.

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