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Saints Peter and Paul Church

The wooden Iconostas of Sts. Peter and Paul Church is ornately carved. The Iconstas and Icons were repainted by local iconographer Ellias Hasigan during renovations begun in 1978. 


The wooden Royal door depicts the royal genealogy of Jesus Christ - the "Root of Jesse" which is a visual representation of Christ's genealogy that dates back to Jesse, the father of King David.  The figure at the foot of the grape vine is Jesse, larger than the rest, in a reclining position. From Jesse, springs the trunk of the vine which ascends, branching to either side. On the branches surrounded by formally scrolling tendrils of foliage, are figures representing the ancestors of Christ and the trunk ascends vertically to the Blessed Virgin Mary and Child at the top. The figures in the Root of Jesse vary.  In this depiction, the figures springing from Jesse are 2 kings (King David and King Solomon), 2 prophets (Moses and Isaiah), and 2 High Priests (Melchizedek and Zechariah). 

Photo credits: Bishop Bohdan Danylo


Royal Door, "Root of Jesse"

The upper portion of the Iconostas

In the top row are depicted the twelve apostles and, in the center, the Holy Trinity.

In the lower row we see the Last Supper in the middle. To the left are depicted the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Continuing to the right is Pentecost, Transfiguration, and Assumption.  

The lower portion of the Iconostas

Major Icon of Blessed Virgin Mary  

Icon of the Samaritan Woman

Major Icon of Jesus Christ

Icon of the return of the Prodigal Son

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